How to Unlock New Characters in Raft

by Narendra

When the game came out in its final form, players could choose from 4 brand-new characters. The doors to these four new Rafters are locked and need to be opened. This guide will help you get all of these new characters in Raft.

How to Unlock New Characters in Raft

Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Shogo are the four new people who join Raft. Players will still start the game as either Maya or Rouhi until they unlock these new characters.

How to Unlock Tala in Raft

To get Tala, you have to go to the Radio Tower. Get to the very top of the tower. Go to the main control room and you will see something that looks like a yellow circle. You can get into Tala by stepping on that thing.

How to Get Johnny Out of Lock in Raft

Go to Balboa Island Station n6 to unlock Johnny. Go to the top of the island of Balboa. Station N6 is written on the door to a large room. Go to that room and look for that yellowish portal. Johnny will be unlocked when you find it.

How to get Elaine to show up in Raft

To get Elaine, you have to go to the ocean and find Tangaroa Tower’s Head. You will be right in front of the yellowish portal.

How to make Shogo available in Raft

Go to the Temperance Selene Research Reactor Room to get Shogo. Go down the stairs in the Temperance Selene Research. Keep going until you see a left-turning path.

There will be snow and ice spikes on the path. Keep going, and you’ll come to a door that’s closed. If you open that, there’s another way to go to the left. If you do that, another door will close. As soon as you open that door, you’ll be in the Reactor Room. In that room, it’s easy to find the yellow portal, and Shogo will be unlocked.


How to change character Raft?

The player can switch from the original Maya to Rouhi by going to the main screen menu, clicking on “Characters,” then clicking on “Rouhi.”

Does raft have character creation?

You can play as either Maya (a girl) or Rouhi (a boy) (male). All done. You can find hats and other things that your character can wear while you play. The two characters can be seen in the screenshot on the store page.

What is the main character’s name in the raft?

In The Raft, Nicky, the main character, is shown to be an unhappy teen who is sent to spend the summer with his grandmother. The more chores he has to do and the fact that he can’t watch TV make him feel worse.

Is Raft a finished game?

The ending is basically your Raft, which you can keep building on for as long as you want. When Anonymous Helper first posted: No, and we also don’t know when one will be made. Chapter 3 is being worked on, but we don’t know when it will be done or how many more chapters will be added.