How to Unlock Disillusionment Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

by Sourabh

How to Unlock Disillusionment Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy: Harry Potter’s world is full of magic. This is true for almost every part of a wizard’s life. This, of course, also applies to how Hogwarts Legacy works and what parts it has.

Take the Disillusionment Eye Chest as an example. This is a green eye chest that can’t be opened in the usual way. You won’t be able to open it like you would a normal chest, by walking up to it and trying to open it to get to what’s inside.

And you should definitely get what’s inside because it usually has better stuff. No, you need to learn how to open it first. So, in Hogwarts Legacy, how do you open the Disillusionment Eye Chest? Find out by reading on.

How to Unlock Disillusionment Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

The history of Hogwarts Eye The thing that stands out most about Chest is its big, open eye. This eye follows you everywhere you go, just like Alastor Moody’s magical mechanical eye, and you can’t open it.

So, you have to figure out how to keep it from seeing you in the first place. Since this is a magical world where you can use all kinds of spells and powers, the most obvious answer is to make yourself invisible. You can do this in a number of ways.

The first way is to use a potion that makes you invisible. You can make this potion on your own, or you can buy it. The second way is to give your character the Disillusionment Charm spell.

You will need to learn this spell before you can use it, though. Either of these will get you close enough to the Disillusionment Charm so you can unlock it and get the great stuff inside.