How to turn off Driving Effects in Need for Speed Unbound

by Narendra

How to turn off Driving Effects in Need for Speed Unbound: The new NFS game has finally come out, and it has a new look that is very stylized. The new look is a mix of anime elements and cel shading.

Developers say that things like characters, smoke, and other visual effects are like “graffiti coming to life.” And they give the game a very new and different look.

But not everyone is a fan of this new style. In this guide, we show you how to turn off tail Smoke, tail lights, and other driving effects in NFS Unbound.

How to turn off Driving Effects in Need for Speed Unbound

Let’s not waste time, but get right to the point. Driving Effects can’t be turned off completely in NFS Unbound, which is a shame. Before the game came out, developers told some worried fans that these effects could be turned off.

That was good news for people who didn’t like this style or who thought it was too distracting. “Yes, the effects can be turned off. In fact, you can choose to never put them on at all. The official NFS Twitter account said, “Just like any other part of a car.”

But only half of this was true. Later, it was made clear that “Basic Tail Smoke and Trail Lights can’t be turned off,” but everything else can.

So, now you know. In Need for Speed Unbound, you won’t be able to turn off all of the driving effects. It was a bad choice, because many players find them distracting while driving, which makes the game less fun.

Hopefully, EA’s developers will realize this and add an option to turn off tail smoke and trail lights in a future update.

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