How to Swap Melee and Crouch in The Finals : Step by Step

by Ekta

How to Swap Melee and Crouch in The Finals : If you’re a console gamer finding it difficult to manage crouching and melee actions in The Finals due to fixed controls, I’m here to provide more detailed steps to navigate this issue.

While the game lacks an in-built control customization option, there are workarounds that allow you to switch the controls for crouching and melee. These steps, though helpful, do have broader implications on your console’s controls. Let’s dive deeper into the step-by-step process!

How to Swap Melee and Crouch in The Finals

During The Finals gameplay on consoles, the default settings make it impossible to change controls specifically for crouching and melee actions. Typically, crouching involves using the right stick (R3), but the game’s settings might result in accidentally triggering a melee attack instead.

PlayStation Users: Swapping Controls

For PlayStation users, the process involves accessing your console’s Settings and Accessibility options. Within these settings, you’ll find the ability to switch the Circle and R3 buttons. This switch effectively swaps the functions, enabling you to crouch without mistakenly triggering melee attacks during The Finals.

Xbox Users: Adapting Controls via Xbox Accessories App

On Xbox, you can use the Xbox Accessories App to modify controls for The Finals. Within this app, you’ll be able to swap the B and Right Stick buttons. This adjustment grants you the ability to crouch without inadvertently initiating melee attacks during gameplay.

Restoring Default Controls and Broader Implications

Remember, these changes aren’t limited to The Finals alone; they affect control settings across all games on your console. It’s crucial to switch back to the original settings after finishing The Finals to avoid confusion or control issues in other games.

Impact on Other Games and Future Updates

While these adjustments address immediate concerns within The Finals, it’s important to understand the potential impact on other games due to altered controls. Presently, The Finals lacks an in-game control remapping feature, but this might change in future game updates or upon the full version release.

Additional Help for PC Users

For PC gamers, the process for making control changes might differ, as The Finals does not currently provide in-game control remapping. If you have insights on how to perform these changes on a PC, your tips shared in the comments could be beneficial for fellow players.

Further Steps for Control Customization

  1. Testing Controls in The Finals: Once you’ve made the control changes, it’s advisable to test them within The Finals to ensure the adjustments work as intended. This allows you to confirm that crouching and melee actions operate without issues.
  2. Switching Controls in Other Games: As these control changes are console-wide, it’s essential to be mindful of how they affect controls in other games. While playing other games, pay attention to any discrepancies or altered actions due to the changes made for The Finals.
  3. Reverting Controls Post-Gameplay: After completing The Finals, immediately switch back to your console’s default control settings to prevent any confusion or unintended actions in subsequent gaming sessions.


By following these additional steps and precautions, console gamers can navigate control issues in The Finals, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Despite the broader impact on control settings, ensuring you revert to default controls after playing The Finals is essential for a seamless gaming experience across different games on your console. Stay alert for potential updates within the game that might introduce an in-game control remapping feature. Happy gaming!