How to Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

by Anchal Thakur

How to Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2: Since the beginning of Overwatch, Mercy has been a mainstay in the support team. She is a strong healer with a wide range of moves, from her unique resurrection ability to offensive buffs, and she could even be used as a DPS.

So, Mercy is an easy-to-use healer and Support Hero for players of any level, though she does have some unique moves you can use in Overwatch 2 to move around the map more quickly.

One trick is the Super Jump, which lets you jump over tall structures and is almost as fast as your Ultimate ability when it comes to climbing. Read on for our Overwatch 2 guide on how to super jump with Mercy.

How to Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

How to Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, follow these steps to make Mercy do her Super Jump:

  1. Point your crosshairs at a nearby ally you can target.
  2. Use the ability “Guardian Angel.”
  3. As you move forward, keep an eye on the meter to the right of your reticule. The more full it is, the farther you can go in any direction.
  4. Point straight up and jump when the meter fills up. You’ll shoot high into the air, so have fun and find a safe place to land.

In Overwatch 2, this is nothing new. Even though Mercy’s jumps, including this one, have been changed over time, it’s still a great skill to have if you want to quickly move to other parts of the map without using her ultimate.

The Super Jump is not too hard to do and could lead to great rewards. This gives this character more options as a soldier and field medic. When you play Overwatch 2, one of the coolest things will be finding out what your character can do that isn’t on the Ability screen.