How To Summon Red Lucy In Gorilla Tag? 

by Ami Dalsania

How To Summon Red Lucy In Gorilla Tag?  Gorilla Tag is an exciting game filled with action, running, and chasing, but did you know there’s a spooky surprise hidden in this fast-paced world? Meet Lucy, the skeleton ghost character. This guide is here to help you summon Lucy and have a fun, ghostly time in Gorilla Tag!

Who is Lucy?

Lucy is a unique character in Gorilla Tag. She’s not like the other gorilla players; she’s a skeleton ghost. Lucy doesn’t just randomly pop up in the game; you have to do something special to meet her. Think of Lucy as a friendly ghost who’s here to add a little spookiness to your Gorilla Tag adventures.

How To Summon Red Lucy In Gorilla Tag? 

Now, here’s the exciting part: summoning Lucy. It’s like a secret treasure hunt, and it’s even more fun when you’re playing with friends. To summon Lucy, you need to follow a few specific steps.

1. Lucy’s Tombstone

Lucy has a special resting place, and you need to visit her tombstone. You can find her tombstone in different areas of the game, like Forest, Crystal Caverns, Canyon, City, Mountain, Clouds, and Beach. Each area has its own unique charm, and that’s where Lucy’s tombstone is hiding.

2. Get a Group (or Go Solo)

The more, the merrier! It’s best to have a group of 5 or more players to summon Lucy. When you’re in a group, the whole experience is faster and more exciting. But don’t worry if you’re feeling brave and want to go it alone – you can still summon Lucy solo; it just takes a little longer.

3. The Ritual Begins

Gather around Lucy’s tombstone with your fellow players. It’s time to start the ritual. You’ll know it’s working when you hear a mysterious creaking noise. The more players involved in the ritual, the faster Lucy will appear.

4. Meet Lucy

Now comes the best part – meeting Lucy! Once you’ve completed the ritual, Lucy will appear. But here’s something interesting: there are two versions of Lucy.

There’s a Blue Lucy and a Red Lucy. Red Lucy is faster and requires a bigger group of 6-10 players during the summoning process. Some players even say they’ve seen different colors of Lucy, but that might be because of the surroundings affecting her appearance.

Lucy’s Playtime

So, what happens when you meet Lucy? Well, when she catches a player, she takes them high into the sky for 6-10 seconds before gently letting them drop back to the ground.

After that, she disappears until you summon her again. It’s all for fun and entertainment – interacting with Lucy doesn’t earn you any special rewards, but it’s a fantastic experience to add to your Gorilla Tag adventures.


Lucy is a special guest in the world of Gorilla Tag. She’s your friendly neighborhood skeleton ghost who’s here to make your gaming experience even more exciting. By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be able to summon Lucy and enjoy the thrill of her company.

So, gather your friends, head to Lucy’s tombstone, and get ready for some ghostly fun in Gorilla Tag! Lucy is waiting to play with you, and she’s just a ritual away.

Remember, Lucy is all about fun and games, so go ahead, enjoy your time with her, and create some unforgettable memories in the world of Gorilla Tag. Have a spooktacular time!

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