How to Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup on Mac

by Sourabh

Several users have been reporting that after installing the Spotify app on mac it automatically opens on startup and that consumes unnecessary space which affects the performance of the mac. After opening itself after shutdown it runs in the background and it makes software lag due to high background processes.

No worry, here in this article we have lined up step by step procedure of how to stop Spotify from opening automatically when you start up the mac. So no further ado let’s begin.

Step: 1

Open your Spotify app on mac and open your Spotify settings by visiting on your profile.

Step: 2

Scroll down to bottom and look for show advanced settings option, click on that.

Step: 3

Now it will load more options where you’ll see the startup and window behavior options.

Step: 4

Here you have to set the option to No which means you’re not giving Spotify to automatically launch after you log into the computer.

You can also choose minimized and yes option you want Spotify to run in the background.

That’s it, now by following the above steps you can stop Spotify to run in the background and in the startup of the MacBook.

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