How to stop iMovie from cropping photos

by Narendra

How to stop iMovie from cropping photos: Cropping is actually a process of trimming, deleting, or adjusting the top, bottom, left, or right frame edges to get rid of unwanted details and give the picture a professional look. But some users think that iMovie automatically crops photos & videos, which makes the final product not have the right ratio of width to height. I’ll explain why this is happening and how to fix it in this article.

Why does iMovie crop your photos & videos?

iMovie may cut off parts of your photo or videos because of one of the following:

  1. If you add a 4:3 standard-definition video clip to a 16:9 high-definition iMovie project, the video will be automatically cropped to fit the full 16:9 frame.
  2. If your video or photo seems to zoom in or out, you may be seeing the Ken Burns effect. This might look like cropping to you. Depending on your settings, this effect may happen on its own.

How to stop iMovie from cropping photos

  1. On your Mac, open the iMovie app.
  2. Choose the video or picture from the browser or timeline.
  3. When you click the Cropping button, the cropping options will be shown.
  4. You’ll see “Fit,” “Crop to Fill,” and “Ken Burns.”
  5. Make sure Fit is chosen. The format will stay the same. Your movie won’t be changed to a 16:9 format on its own.

You can also change your iMovie settings this way:

  1. Open iMovie on your Mac.
  2. Click iMovie and then Preferences on the menu bar.
  3. Open the drop-down menu for Photo Placement and make sure that Fit is chosen.
  4. After you change this setting, it will affect all of your projects from then on. Your old projects will not change.
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