How to start The Vespucci Job in GTA Online: Step by Step

by Narendra

How to start The Vespucci Job in GTA Online: With the most recent weekly update to GTA Online, players can now earn three times as much for The Vespucci Job (Remix).

This is GTAO’s Adversary Mode, which was added when the game came out for next-generation consoles.

Players can quickly get a lot of rewards in this mode, so it’s definitely something you should think about doing. Of course, you need to know how to start these before you can finish them. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with The Vespucci Job in GTA Online.

How to start The Vespucci Job in GTA Online

How to start The Vespucci Job in GTA Online

Here are steps to start The Vespucci Job in GTA Online:

The first thing you need to do is, of course, start GTAO.

Then, go to the Pause Menu and then the Online tab. Choose Jobs > Play Job > Rockstar Created > Adversary Mode from there.

Here, you can see all of the Vespucci Jobs that are open right now. There are seven of them right now, and maybe more will come. In the next part, we’ll talk about what these are for and how to do them.

How to Do Vespucci Job Remix in GTA Online

In this Adversary Mode, the players are split up into two teams. The first team has one Runner, and the second can have up to three Interceptors.

The Runner has to collect 15 Checkpoints in less than five minutes, and it’s up to the Interceptors to stop them, either by crashing into them or, on two maps, killing them with the weapons on their vehicles.

The Runner wins if they reach all 15 Checkpoints before the timer runs out. But if the timer goes off before they do that, the Interceptors automatically win.

There are seven maps: The Vespucci Job (Remix) I, The Vespucci Job (Remix) II, The Vespucci Job (Remix) III, The Vespucci Job (Remix) IV, The Vespucci Job (Remix) V, The Vespucci Job (Remix) VI, and The Vespucci Job (Remix) VII.