How to Share Tickets, Passes, Coupons from Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch

by Narendra

This article explains how you can share your tickets, passes, and coupons that are stored in your apple wallet to your friend or another person effortlessly from your iPhone or Apple watch. The sharing of movie tickets or passes is pretty useful when you can’t attend that show but you want your friends to attend that time sharing them those tickets from apple wallet is the fastest way you can do it.

Make sure that after that ticket will be not valid for you. So keep them safe on your apple wallet from intruders and share only with whom you know personally.

Nevertheless, let’s see the steps on how to share tickets, cards, and coupons from apple wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch.

How to share tickets, Passes or Coupons from apple wallet on iPhone

Step: 1 Firstly, open your apple wallet on your iPhone.

Step: 2 Now choose the ticket or coupon you want to share with your friend.

Step: 3 On the right top corner click on three dots.

Step: 4 Now share icon will appear, from where you can send your friend the ticket, pass, or coupon via several apps available like iMessage, airdrop, WhatsApp, mail, or others.

Step: 5 Now as your friend receive the ticket you shared then they can easily add it to their apple wallet with a simple button.

How to share tickets, Passes or Coupons from apple wallet on apple watch

For the apple watch, the procedure is almost the same let’s see how you can share.

Step: 1 Firstly, open your wallet app on your apple watch and choose the item you want to share.

Step: 2 Now scroll down and go to the share button to share that item with your friend.

Step: 3 Now select the friend to send to their iMessage, WhatsApp, or mail it.

Note: If you can’t share the tickets, or coupons with friend using an apple wallet then I’d recommend you to take screenshot of that and share it with message. This works well.

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