How To Set Up Individual Ringtones On Android

by Narendra

On Android, there are a few ways to set up different ringtones.

  1. You can use the phone’s built-in ringtones or make your own.
  2. You can get ringtones from sources other than the Google Play Store.

How to Set Different Ringtones for Different Contacts Android

How to Set ANY Song as Custom Ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

On Android, how do I assign different ringtones to different contacts?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution because it depends on your Android version and contact management app. Some methods, however, include:
-Selecting the “Ringtones” tab from the contact’s details screen (or the phone’s contact list if the contact is a phone number). You can customize the ringtones for each of your contacts here.
-Using an app such as ToneMaster, which allows you to create custom ringtones for each contact.

On Android, how do I make a ringtone for just one person?

On Android, go to the phone’s settings and select “Sounds & Wallpapers” to create a ringtone for one person. You can then choose the desired ringtone by selecting the “Ringtone” option.

On my Samsung Galaxy, how do I set individual ringtones?

Open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy and select Sound & notification to customize individual ringtones. A list of all your installed ringtones can be found under Ringtone. To save the change, tap on a ringtone to select it and then press the Home button.

How do I customize my ringtones?

The process of setting individual ringtones varies depending on the phone model and operating system, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Accessing the phone’s settings menu, searching for and selecting “ringtone” from the list of options, and selecting a desired ringtone from the available selections are some tips on how to set ringtones on a specific phone model or operating system.

How do I give a contact a custom ringtone?

There are several options for doing so. You can do this by going into your contact’s phone and selecting “Ringtones.” You can choose a ringtone from your phone or one of the phone’s predefined ringtones from this screen.

On my Samsung Galaxy S7, how do I make a custom ringtone?

Follow these steps to create a custom ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap “Ringtones” under “Sound & notification.”
  3. Select “Create a new ringtone” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Give your ringtone a name, and then choose a song from your phone’s music library to use as the ringtone.

On my Samsung Galaxy S20, how do I assign a ringtone to a contact?

To assign a ringtone to a contact on your Samsung Galaxy S20, go to the contact’s details (by tapping on the contact’s name in the contacts list or pressing and holding on the contact’s image in the call history). After that, go to the “Ringtones” tab. You can choose a ringtone from your phone’s music library on the next screen.

On the Samsung Galaxy S21, how do I set a ringtone for a specific person?

Follow these steps to set a ringtone for a specific person on your Samsung Galaxy S21:
Tap the Apps icon from the Home screen.
Select Settings.
Ringtones can be found under Sounds and Vibration.
Tap OK after selecting the ringtone you want to use.
Tap Default ringtone and then one of the other available ringtones to change the ringtone for all contacts.

On my Samsung J7, how do I set different ringtones for different contacts?

Go to Settings > Phone > Ringtones on the Samsung J7. The ringtone for each contact can then be selected.

On the Galaxy S7, where are ringtones kept?

The Music app on your Galaxy S7 holds the majority of ringtones.

On my Samsung Galaxy S20, how do I customize notification sounds?

Follow these steps to customize your Samsung Galaxy S20’s notification sounds:
On your phone, go to the Settings app.
“Notifications” is under “Sound & vibration.”
Select the “Choose an audio file” option under “Notification sounds.”
“Add a sound” is the button to press.
Select a sound file from your phone’s or the internet’s storage.


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