How to Send Secret Messages on iPhone

by Sourabh

If you are looking for the perfect way to send secret messages on iPhone to your friend or someone then you’re on the right article. There are lots of reasons to send secret messages and where the steganography comes to the table to enjoy and send secret messages in any form text, video, or images. With the help the steganography you can send messages normally but inside that message, there is a secret message of you that can only be read by recipient. Nevertheless, let me show you the steps to send secret messages through iPhone.

Step: 1 Firstly you have to open web browser on your iPhone.

Step: 2 Visit this website ”  “

Step: 3 Now you will see the two blank boxes with written public messages and private messages. Now the public message is what you want to be visible to everyone. And the private message is hidden inside that message that no one can see or read.

Step: 4 Now enter your public and private message in the field and click on steganographic.

Step: 5 Now the site will hide the secret message inside the public message and here you go to send the public message. Copy that message and send it to your friend.

Step: 6 After that as your friend receive that message now it’s time to reveal the secret message behind it.

Step: 7 For that, copy that message and visit the website ” ” Now on the bottom, there is an option to reveal where to paste that message and hit desteganographize.

Step: 8 Now that secret message will appear on your screen.

So this is how you can send any secret message on iPhone without knowing anyone. Using this way no one can catch you plus does not attract the attention of anyone. Quite interesting and useful right?

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