How to Sell Starfield Contrabands Without Cargo Shields ?

by Ekta

How to Sell Starfield Contrabands Without Cargo Shields ? Starfield, the vast cosmic playground, offers opportunities galore for intrepid spacefarers. Among these opportunities, one of the more lucrative ventures involves the trading of Contraband items.

While the promise of credits is alluring, the risk of getting caught with illegal goods can be daunting. But fear not, for we have a strategy that allows you to sell Contraband items without relying on costly Cargo Shields. Let’s embark on this cosmic journey step by step:

Step 1: Warp to the Wolf System

Our adventure begins with the first leap—warping to the Wolf System. The Wolf System is your launchpad to a profitable Contraband trade. Utilize your starship’s navigation systems to make this jump.

Step 2: Journey to The Den

From the Wolf System, set your cosmic compass for The Den. The Den is renowned for its secrecy and neutrality, making it a hub for traders of all kinds, including those involved in Contraband. Navigate your way through space, and before you know it, you’ll be in The Den’s cosmic embrace.

Step 3: Discover the Trade Authority on Chtonia

Once you’ve reached The Den, your destination within this labyrinthine hub is Chtonia. Here, you’ll find the Trade Authority—a crucial establishment for our venture. The Trade Authority on Chtonia is your gateway to selling Contraband items without the hassle of scan checkpoints.

Step 4: Unveil Your Contraband Trove

With the Trade Authority on Chtonia in your sights, it’s time to unveil your Contraband trove. Approach the Trade Authority’s shop, and you’ll find a willing buyer for your illicit goods. The Trade Authority offers a secure and discreet means of turning your Contraband into valuable credits.

The Perks of Selling Contraband at The Den

A Scan-Free Haven

One of the primary advantages of selling Contraband at The Den is the absence of scan checkpoints during your journey. Unlike many other star systems and planets, The Den provides a haven where your goods can pass through without the risk of arrest or hefty fines.

An Ongoing Trade Opportunity

However, there’s a catch. While The Den may be the ideal place to sell your Contraband, it’s not without its limitations. Trade Authorities might not always have sufficient credits on hand to purchase all your Contraband items if you’re dealing in large quantities. This is where patience comes into play.

Wait for Inventory and Credits to Refresh

Should you encounter this predicament, where the Trade Authority’s coffers run dry, fret not. You can simply wait for the shop’s inventory and credit resources to refresh. To achieve this, all you need to do is find a nearby bed and get some rest for approximately 48 in-game hours.


And there you have it—a strategy for trading Contraband in Starfield that minimizes risks and maximizes profits. By navigating to The Den and dealing with the Trade Authority on Chtonia, you can securely sell your Contraband without the fear of being ensnared by scan checkpoints.

As the credits roll in and your wealth grows, remember the secrets of The Den and the freedom it offers to enterprising spacefaring souls. May your Contraband trade be lucrative and free from interstellar entanglements!