How To Sell Catgirl Token On Trust Wallet

by Narendra

Catgirl is a business that started in the third quarter of 2021 as a network-driven NFT cryptocurrency used in the real world.

The people who made it do their best to make their target audience happy and give coin holders as many benefits as possible through deflationary and random rewards.

The Catgirl platform was made to let more people know about NFT. Its theme, interface, and focus on anime culture were designed to get people interested.

CATGIRL is definitely a meme coin, but it is more of a non-fungible token (NFT) than anything else. The developers’ main goal is to make a full-fledged gaming platform, not a standard for mass marketing.

Catgirl says that putting anime into the world of cryptocurrencies will give the NFT market more chances to make money and start a new era.

To sell the Catgirl Token on the Trust wallet, you must first trade the Catgirl Token for BNB on PancakeSwap, and then convert the BNB to the stable coin BUSD. After that, you can take money out of Binance in fiat currency.

How to Sell Catgirl Token on Trust Wallet?

Catgirl Token is not one of the major cryptocurrencies that can be sold directly on Trust Wallet. First, you have to exchange Catgirl Token for BNB, and then you can sell your BNB on Trust Wallet.

How to sell Catgirl Token on Trust Wallet:

Step 1: Go to the Trust Wallet and sign in.

First, use your mobile app to sign in to your Trust Wallet Account. Make sure that you have enough Catgirl Tokens to trade.

Step 2: Click on DApps.

To trade your Catgirl Token, go to the DApps option, which will be in the bottom right corner of your mobile screen if you are using the Trust Wallet mobile app.

Step 3: Look for the option called “PancakeSwap.”

In the list of DApps, look for PancakeSwap. To trade your Catgirl Token, choose PancakeSwap. After you choose PancakeSwap, it will take you to the PancakeSwap website.

Note: When you get to the PancakeSwap page, look in the upper right corner. There will be a symbol that you can click on to see if it is a Smart Chain or not. If it doesn’t, choose Smart Chain from the list.

Step 4: Choosing BNB to trade

Most of the time, BNB is the first choice to swap with. If any other crypto is listed, click on it, and a list will appear. Choose BNB from the options.

Below the box, there will be a down arrow (). Click on that. This will switch where Cake and BNB are on the list. The BNB will go down and the cake will go up.

When you choose “Cake,” the app will ask you for the token you want to trade. Type in Catgirl Token’s address, which is listed below: i.

Contract address for the Catgirl Token: 0x79ebc9a2ce02277a4b5b3a768b1c0a4ed75bd936

After you type in the address, the Catgirl Token option will appear. Choose that.

Note: Only write the contact address; don’t write Catgirl Token.

Step 5: Type in the number of Catgirl Tokens you want to trade.

Now, you’ll be asked to type in how many Catgirl Tokens you want to swap. Enter the amount and check the exchange value of the cryptocurrency you’re using to swap Catgirl Tokens for.

Note: When you enter the number of Catgirl Tokens, the value of that amount in BNB will appear in the box next to the BNB option.

Step 6: Finish the process of swapping.

Click the button that says Swap. The page will ask for confirmation again. To finish the process, click on the Confirm Swap button. Wait a few minutes to see if the amount you swapped has been added.

Now that you’ve swapped your Catgirl Token for BNB, you can sell it on Trust Wallet.

Step 7: Exchange BNB for a stable coin.

The first step is to turn the BNB into a stable coin. To change BNB into BUSD, which is a stable coin, go to the Trust Wallet and click on the Dex button. Then, select BNB from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: Enter the amount, then click “Withdraw.”
You have to type in how much BNB you want to exchange for BUSD. When you’re done, click the Swap button.

Then you have to choose BUSD and click on Send to Withdraw.

Now, a pop-up will appear asking you to fill in the “Recipient’s address.” You can also scan the QR code on the screen.

Step 9: Putting down the BUSD

Now, go to your Binance account and click on the deposit button. Choose BUSD as the currency you want to use to make a deposit.

Make sure you are in the “correct network” on the “exchange” and copy the “Binance receive/deposit address.”

Step 10: Finish the Switch

After you copy the deposit address from your Binance account, go back to where you were on your Trust Wallet page.

Paste the address you just copied into the “Recipient’s address” box and keep going. The BUSD amount will now be sent to the “Binance centralized exchange wallet.”

Step 11: Take the BUSD out of your Binance account

Once the money is in your Binance account, go to your account and click the “Withdraw Fiat” button in the upper right corner.

Now, the page will ask you to choose the fiat currency in which you want to withdraw. Then you have to type in how much BUSD you want to take out.

At the end of the page, you will be asked to enter the bank information. There will be a section called “beneficiary” where you can “add a new card.”

Enter the number on your card to finish the process. The money will be sent to your bank account this way.

How long does it take to trade a Catgirl Token for a BNB?

It will only take a few minutes on Trust Wallet to trade Catgirl Token for BNB. In very rare cases, it can take up to Hours.

Because Trust Wallet is a simple platform, exchanging the Catgirl Token for BNB is a pretty easy task.

The Swapping process only takes a few minutes, but it might take a little longer for the transaction to be approved and the money to show up in the Trust Wallet.

Why can’t I trade BNB for a Catgirl Token?

When you try to trade a Catgirl Token for a BNB on PancakeSwap, it may fail sometimes. When you click the Confirm Swap button, you see an error message.

In that case, reduce the number of Catgirl Tokens you want to trade and try again to trade them for BNB. If the error message comes up again, it means that the token is still locked and can’t be used.

You have to wait a while and start the process over from the beginning. The swapping won’t be done until the token’s market value is unlocked. The user can’t do anything until it’s opened.

Wrapping up: How To Sell Catgirl Token On Trust Wallet

This article goes into detail about how Catgirl Tokens can be bought or sold on Trust Wallet.

On Trust Wallet, it is easy to swap Catgirl Token for BNB, but sometimes mistakes happen during the swap.

When the swapping process doesn’t work, users are told to try again with less Catgirl Token.

If it still doesn’t work, that means the token’s liquidity is still locked, and the user has no choice but to wait until it’s unlocked.

Later, they can try the same thing to trade their Catgirl Token. The process usually only takes a few minutes and doesn’t cost anything.