How To See Any Facebook Post In New Tab Look

by Narendra

Every month facebook gives lots of new updates to increase the user experince and make the surfing more easy and comfortable on facebook, wherein those last month update there is tab mode features update that you might don’t know, through which you can see any group post or any of your newsfeed post in new tab look.

How This Tab Look Feature Helpful?

So, Every time on facebook we are just scrolling and see lots videos, friends posts and like our favorite group posts, In which sometimes we much like the post and wants to comment or join the conversation of group but we can’t do at that time and have the interest on some other post so we just scroll.

So by enabling tab feature on that post, It will come in the new tab just like facebook messaging bar on the laptop. Open in tab feature helps you to join the conversation on that post without sticking on that single newsfeed post, after that you can also scroll read any news feed posts.

How To See Facebook Newsfeed Post In Tab Bar

Step 1: Firstly login to your Facebook account on a laptop.

Step 2: In the Newsfeed, choose which post you like the most or want to see in a tab, In every facebook post on the upper right side corner there is “three dots” click on that.

Step 3: After clicking on three dots, choose the last option which is “more option” as you click on that you will see the option of “open in tab” click on that to make that post in tab look.

That’s all you have to do after that you will easily scroll, read interact many posts without sticking on a single post, so if you group chatting geek and also want to surf facebook posts then “show in tab feature” is quite helpful for you.

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