How To Restore Default Theme On Android

by Narendra

No doubt, every smartphone lover who is fond of tinkering in his phone once in his life has changed the Android default theme there or launcher with new designed themes & icons pack for sure, there might be lots of reason to a changed default theme such as more commonly getting bored with the stock android theme, wants more features that only launchers could give and my personal reasons to change default android theme is that I hate simple icons of android whether its of Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, or any other smartphone brand.

So changing default theme on android is a simple task to do with lots of third party android apps or inbuilt free & paid themes option to choose, here in my Samsung galaxy A30 one UI version there is inbuilt themes, icons, wallpaper, AOD options are available to apply new theme and remove default Samsung theme.

But the problem arises, when we want our default theme back on android, don’t worry here in this article I am going to tell you how you can restore your default theme on android (Especially on Samsung smartphones).

Note: Here I am using a Samsung smartphone to restore default theme.

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Get back Samsung default theme from another theme

Step: 1 Firstly, Go to your device setting and find the theme option by scrolling down or search on top bar.

Step: 2 Now after you opened your theme option, now click on top left side three-line navigation bar, where you will see the option like my stuff, wishlist, following, purchased items and many more. Every android device has a different option, where you have to click on my stuff option and select themes.

Step: 3 Now here you will see different downloaded themes and one default theme of your android device. You just have to select default theme option and apply it that’s all. Now you will get your default theme back.

You could also delete various downloaded themes by just long pressing on that.

Wrap Up: Get Back Default Theme on Samsung Device

These were the way through which you can select your default Samsung theme if you have had installed any third party theme app then by just uninstalling that you can move to a default theme and alternative you could also clear app data and cache to get back old theme.

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