How to remove wildebeest bones blocking the wooden bridge

by Rajitha Reddy

How to remove wildebeest bones blocking the wooden bridge: It’s actually not that hard to do. You have to do this for the Circle of Life quest, and it might seem impossible. Still, you may have seen these bones before and been unable to get rid of them. So here’s what you should do.

How to remove wildebeest bones on Sunlit Plateau in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You just need a better shovel to get the wildebeest bones out of the way of the wooden bridge on Sunlit Plateau in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

You can get it when you finish the quest Breaking Bones. Remember when you had to gather Lion’s Claws and other things? These were used to improve your Royal Shovel.

So, you should be able to throw away the bones now. So, go to the Sunlit Plateau and walk across the wooden bridge there. It’s across the river to the west of the fast travel point.

You can look at the screenshots below if you’re still confused. The bones are at the far end of the bridge. They are so big that you can’t miss them.

So, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, bring your shovel up to the wildebeest bones that are blocking the wooden bridge one which Mother Gothel wants to be able to cross.

Then, when the bones stand out, just pull them out. You can start in the middle and work your way out to the two sets of bones on each side. It doesn’t really matter which way you do these things. Just make sure you have all three groups of bones, and you’ll be fine.

This is one of the easiest parts of the quest to do. In fact, you may have seen the wildebeest bones before but were helpless to stop them. Well, now you can!