How To Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone

by Narendra

Hey! Are you one who doesn’t know how you can remotely control the android phone from another phone?

Android to Android remote control is quite an easy task to do but when if you know how you can remotely control your Android device over the internet.

On the internet, there are tons of android apps that help you to remote control android through android but choosing a real and perfectly working all the time over the internet quite a difficult task to do, for that here in this article I will be going to tell you the best android apps that help you to remotely control any of your smartphone from anywhere in the world. These will be my favorite picked out apps that help me a lot to share an android screen when I got stuck in some tasks on my phone.

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Apps To Remotely Control The Android Phone From Another Phone

There is the list of remotely access android device at glance:

  • Inkwire (Screen Share+Assist)
  • Team Viewer
  • A Power Mirror

1. Inkwire (Screen Share + Assist)

If you are looking for app through which you can share your android screen with couples of click then here is the best app which you can use, Moreover if I talked about its sharing screen quality then it’s quite fine as per your connection, The best thing I like about the app is it’s quite fast connecting between device without any complicated setup, you just need to enter the codes that it, after you will easily assist another phone over voice call also. Hence if you want a quick setup and share your android screen then inkwire is best for you.

The reason I love this app it’s quite fast and easy to use you can easily share your screen with any android user.

How to Use Inkwire (Screen Share + Assist)
  • Firstly Install inkwire in both android phones from the play store.
  • After Installing there is two option one for share screen and other for access.
  • With the share option, you can share your access code to other androids.
  • With access option, you can enter the access code sent by the Android user, that it.
  • You can also share your link to the access screen.
  • Easy and fast to screen sharing
  • Voice chat option available
  • free of cost
  • Not Having Offline Features
  • No more Advanced features

2. Team Viewer (Quick support)

Team Viewer is another great option to share an android screen to another android as we know about team viewer which is a highly trusted remote control app, that is used by millions of users, it basically comes in free and premium version but if you a normal user who wants to remotely control another android screen then this app is really perfect for you.

If I talked about its security then no doubt, it’s perfect where every time you have to enter different codes to connect with another user, Apart from that team viewer comes with clean UI and simple setup to share your screen over internet, and the best thing I like is its shared screen quality and speed, so if you are looking for app which you can use personal or in business then no doubt, team viewer is the first choice you should have used.

teamviewer remote control android app
How to use Team Viewer (Quick Support)
  • Install Team Viewer and send your id to another phone to remote control phone.
  • After Generating and sending unique Team viewer id you can go through team viewer link option.
  • Enter the unique Id in another phone and start screening the android device.
  • Generate new Unique ID for secure screening
  • Free of Cost
  • The Trusted website did not save your data
  • You can share files over the internet perfectly.
  • Not Having Offline feature to share screen.
  • Slow internet may face the issue.


Looking for the simplest way to connect and share screen to another person then here is app which makes it more professional whether you want to see work of your employees, or as a student, you want to copy the project then it works well both in case.

Moreover, It’s come with advanced features like you also connect with lots of peoples by just sending your link or another one single-use code, where you can do a conference video call, with sharing screen to better understand.

Some features I like the most.
  1. You can schedule meetings from app
  2. You can control who is joining.
  3. Having a meeting lock for security.
  4. Video conference up to 10 peoples.
How to use
  • Install in both devices
  • You have two option Join a meeting and host a meeting.
  • In join a meeting you have to enter meeting code which is come from the host a meeting option on other phones.
  • In host a meeting there is your personal link which you have to share other phones to join the meeting.
  • You can share live video sharing for meeting
  • Having a trial period option.
  • Secure and confidential
  • Advanced features like create your name link is not free.
  • Normal features are free others are in the premium version.

4. ApowerMirror

Last but not least, if you are looking to mirror your android screen with having awesome shared screen quality in your secured wifi network then A power mirror never dissatisfy you, Here it comes with lots of features that help you to control your device very well like you can record and capture your screen, you have the option to connect android using USB or wifi network and many more,

Moreover, it comes with clean simple UI and also having simple setup to share your screen to devices works well in PC, Mac, android screen to share, so if you are looking for an app which has lots of new features to use with self wifi network then ApowerMirror is best for you.

apower mirror remote control app
How to use Apower Mirror
  • Install and run APower mirror.
  • If you have share android screen with pc then go through this link.
  • And that’s all you have to do and start capturing screen.
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use and share with any device mac os, iPhones, windows.
  • Show android notification on PC. ‘
  • It works only on the same wifi network.
  • No audio capturing.

Wrapping Up: Remotely Control Your Android Screen from Another android

These were the best apps to share your phone with your friends and family and get out of there problem by helping with these apps.

Hope you enjoying these apps and making fun of these features and spy with your friends.

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