How To Remotely Control Android Phone from Another Phone

Hey ! are you one who doesn’t know how you can remotely control the android phone from another phone?

Android to Android remote control is quite an easy task to do but when if you know how you can remotely control your Android device over the internet.

In online there are lot more apps which help us to remote control android through android and most of the time it helps me a lot to share android screen when I got stuck in some task on my phone.

Let you also know which are the app that can help you to remote control android from another android phone.

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Apps to Remotely control the android phone from another phone

1. Inkwire (Screen Share + Assist)

Inkwire hardly you know about this app but I will tell you this is one of the great apps which can easily share your android screen with other androids.

The reason I love this app it’s quite fast and easy to use you can easily share your screen with any android user.

After setting up all thing connected you can also guide your friend from the voice chat option.

How to Use Inkwire (screen share + Assist)

  • Firstly Install inkwire in both android phone from the play store.
  • After Installing there is two option one for share screen and other for access.
  • With share option, you can share your access code to other androids.
  • With access option, you can enter the access code sent by the Android user.
  • You can also share your link to access screen.

Pros :

  • Easy and fast to screen sharing
  • Voice chat option available
  • free of cost

2. Team Viewer (Quick support)

Team Viewer is another great option to share android screen to another android as we know about team viewer which is a highly trusted remote control app.

The best part which I like the most about team viewer is of file sharing option that can easily share files between the android.

How to use Team Viewer (Quick Support)

  • Install Team Viewer and send your id to another phone to remote control phone.
  • After Generating and sending unique Team viewer id you can go through team viewer link option.
  • Enter the unique Id in another phone and start screening the android device.

Pros :

  • Generate new Unique ID for secure screening
  • Free of Cost
  • The Trusted website did not save your data

3. which is also the best option to share your Android device from other by just simple clicks. basically the best option to choose for meetings with client to show your project and more with the decent user interface.

There is your personal link option which you can share and start sharing your android and there is other more option like single code and conference call option which best for meetings.

How to use

  • Install in both devices
  • You have two option Join a meeting and host a meeting.
  • In join a meeting you have to enter meeting code which is come from the host a meeting option on other phones.
  • In host a meeting there is your personal link which you have to share other phone to join the meeting.

Pros :

  • You can share live video sharing for meeting
  • Having a trial period option.
  • Secure and confidential

4. ApowerMirror

Mirror your android device with Apower mirror app works well in android it will easily share the screen in real time you can download and into pc as well.

For sharing the screen first you have to make sure that both devices are connected with the same network.

After all, this is also a great option after app for android sharing.

How to use Apower Mirror

  • Install and run APower mirror.
  • If you have share android screen with pc then go through this link.
  • And that’s all you have to do and start capturing screen.

Pros :

  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use and share with any device mac os, iPhones, windows.
  • Show android notification on PC.

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Conclusion :

These are the best apps to share your phone with your friends and family and get out from there problem by helping with these apps.

Hope you enjoying these apps and making fun of these feature and spy with your friends.

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