How to Remote control and access Your PC with Android app 2019

Hey, are you looking to remote control your PC from anywhere from the world?

Is that possible to operate your PC from anywhere with the help of your android smartphone?

Yes, you can remotely control PC in the easiest way with your Android or iPhones.

I will show you the method of how you can remotely operate your PC from Android from anywhere having an internet connection.

5 Best Remote desktop software and Android apps :

1. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is the first name that comes in mind when we heard about remote control PC. It worth the value team viewer helps you for commercial and non-commercial remote access from Android as well as in iPhone and most important thing it’s free of cost you don’t have to give a penny to use.

One of the most featured software that literally help to access your files when you are far from your computer.

You can see a live screening with the software and control through anywhere in the world.

Ok, we understand what is team viewer do but how to use this software and app.

How to operate Team Viewer Step by step :

  • Firstly You have to download and install the software and app in your PC and smartphone from the official website link and Play store link.
  • After installing the software and app on a smartphone you have pop up window.
  • In team viewer window in PC showing the Team viewer ID and password which you have to enter in android app and connect.
  • There is another option of file transfer form which you can share a file between them.

Team viewer having more option like meeting which is more helpful for group conversation or presentation and much more useful option to check.

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop application which I like the most because of it’s easy and fast remote control without knowing other people. Chrome Remote Desktop is not like team viewer is many more from it.

It will give you better remote control with just installing app and software in PC and in Smartphone.

Chrome Remote desktop which works with the simple chrome extension where you just have to log in and install one software.

I think you understand what is chrome remote desktop and how great it is let’s know about how you will use.

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop For Remote Control In desktop and smartphone:

  • Chrome remote desktop is work on Chrome Browser so Firstly you have to install the chrome extension named as chrome remote desktop.
  • After installation of extension open the extension from the google chrome apps where you see my computer option.
  • One more application you want to install chrome remote host which is automatic you just click on install.
  • After that Turn On the option enable remote connection.
  • Then it will ask to enter the pin for secure remote connection and here you go.
  • You have done all the steps now just go to smartphone and install the application named as remote desktop from Play store.
  • After you will see your computer on smartphone dashboard just enter the pin and connect.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is another remote access app which is able to remote your PC with just simply entering the computer IP address and name.

Microsoft Remote desktop only works with the windows PC and it is really worth it to give a high-quality live screening in the android.

So till now, you understand what actually it is and how simple as that now look how to use Microsoft remote desktop.

How to use the Microsoft remote desktop in an android application:

  • To access the remote desktop you just need an app to install on your smartphone.
  • Install Microsoft remote desktop from the play store
  • After installing open it and on the right top plus (+) option click on it and now choose desktop.
  • Now it will ask some detail of computer that you gonna operate with mobile
  • Enter the IP address from the computer if you don’t find it go to start button and write cmd.
  • In cmd just type ipconfig and hit enter.
  • Their Ipv4 option is shown that is your IP address and make sure before entering ipconfig your pc is connected with the internet connection.
  • Now just go to the app and enter the asking detail and remote your pc.

4. VNC Viewer

VNC viewer is another great app which has the same use to remote pc through android by instantly the application.

VNC Viewer same application and process to install the app which will give you seamless live remote connection.

How to use VNC Viewer in Smartphone:

  • Firstly you want to install the application from the play store
  • After installing the application log in into the account in the PC as well as in android.
  • Below right side corner click on plus option and add new connection.
  • Enter the IP address and computer name and create
  • After that, it will show on your desktop and start screening.

5. Splashtop

Splashtop is another great option for the remote control but it’s not free Splashtop gives the trial after that you have to pay for it

Splashtop is a secure remote control option it will full access to the files, music and many more in the paid version.

I don’t know why Splashtop having the paid version there is lot more app in the market that will give these all option for free of cost then why I paid for this app.

But For the commercial use, this application can worth the money and give high competition because of great feature and seamless file transfer.

How to use Splashtop in the smartphone :

  • For using Splashtop you have to log in the trial period and start.
  • Just go to the website of Splashtop and log in there.
  • For Android, there is an app of Splashtop install it and you can easily remote you pc from android for a certain period of time.

Conclusion :

Remote control your pc is all the easy and interesting technique with the 5 best remote access pc software and apps you can control your pc from anywhere and send a file with the secure network.

If you ask me what’s my favorite app then I recommend and go through chrome remote desktop because of there hidden and one time install feature. No need to set up every time or entering password like team Viewer.

Hope! You like the list of best remote control android apps.

Thanks for reading this article

Which one you are going to use to remote control your PC comment below!

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