How To Protect External Hard Drives With Password

by Narendra

Hey, are looking to protect external hard drive?

Password protect external hard drive without erasing is more important than our PC internal drives. There are a lot more chances of stealing the data.

Here in this article, I will show you how you can protect external hard disk with a strong password

Time to ensure your outer Hard Drive with encryption for anchoring your information from unapproved. Techniques that will enable you to secure your External Hard Disk Drives with the secret key. Experience the post to think about it.

Security is dependably the principal need for each client and when it’s about some close to home information then it turns out to be increasingly vital.

On the off chance that we talk about outside hard drive circle where you store heaps of individual information isn’t at all safe since anybody can convey your compact drive and can do some illicit demonstration.

Be that as it may, it very well may be secret phrase secured, you can set your ideal secret key to open the outer drive on any PC. So examine finish direct talked about underneath to ensure your outside drive with a secure secret key.

I will show you a method on system based setting that will allow you to lock the drive with password without using any tool.

Steps For secure External Hard Drive :

Step – 1 Firstly make sure that your hard drive is connected to window PC and turn it on. Now open the Control Panel>>BitLocker Drive Encryption and open it.

Step – 2 Turn on Bit Locker for a drive that you want to Secured.

Step- 3 Now click on “Use a password to unlock the drive” enter a password for security.

Step – 4 Then again there is a pop-up window open to save a file click on that to save for future reference.

Step – 5 Now Click on Start Encryption and wait for some time to complete.

Now All Done!! After that, your drive will always ask for a password to access the file.

Hope you will better understand.

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