How to Pickup Radios Dropped by AQ Members in the DMZ

by Kirti Rajput

In Warzone 2, the Always Listening mission requires you to pick up five radios that were dropped by AQ members who were killed. After that, you have to kill 15 AQ members who were marked by those radios.

This is a pretty hard mission for a few reasons, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Always Listening and how to pick up radios dropped by AQ members in the DMZ in this guide. Let’s get right into it.

How to Pickup Radios Dropped by AQ Members in the DMZ

To finish this mission, you have to kill enemies in the DMZ until they drop the UAV Radio item. This is a random drop, but it seems that enemies with armor are more likely to drop it than enemies without armor.

So, after a shootout, you should always check the ground. You’ll be able to tell it’s a radio by the noise it makes, which is a mix of radio static and messages coming in.

As soon as you pick up the radio, it will turn on and send a signal. The enemies in the area will then be marked for about 20 seconds. You have to kill these enemies while you can see them.

How to Pickup Radios Dropped by AQ Members in the DMZ

This is, of course, very hard to do, so you’ll need to move fast. If you kill them after the marking effect has worn off, it won’t help you reach the goal.

So, it’s best to do this with another member of your squad, since you can cover a lot more ground that way than if you play alone.

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A Stronghold would be a good place to grind for this. You can kill the enemies there, and if none of them drop a radio, you can wait for reinforcements and kill them too, until you have enough radios and marked kills.