How To Open Secured Doors From The Ship?

by Sourabh

How To Open Secured Doors From The Ship? In Lethal Company, navigating through the game’s environment involves encountering various types of doors, primarily locked and secured. These doors present challenges that players must overcome to progress in the game. Understanding the mechanics of these doors is crucial for a successful venture into the world of Lethal Company.

In Lethal Company, there are different kinds of doors you’ll encounter—locked and secured. These doors can either block your way or lead you to new places. Let’s explore how to deal with them and successfully navigate the game.

How To Open Locked Doors?

Locked doors are pretty common and can be a hassle. To open them, you need a key, which you can find during missions. Once you have the key, just equip it and use it on the locked doors. If you can’t find the key right away, you might need to look around the area to locate it. Having the key makes unlocking doors a breeze.

How To Open Secured Doors From The Ship?

Secured doors are a bit trickier—they can’t be opened with a regular key. Instead, you need to use the ship’s terminal. During emergencies, it’s important to have a team member stay on the ship with a walkie-talkie. This person not only keeps an eye on the team but also operates the ship’s terminal.

Using The Ship Terminal For Opening Secured Doors

To open secured doors from the ship, the team member on the ship follows a few steps. First, they press E to access the terminal.

Then, they choose “Other” and select “View Monitor” to see what’s happening outside. By typing a teammate’s username or using the “Switch” command, they find the player near the secured doors.

After that, they enter the correct code, like C3 or F5, to unlock the doors. If it works, a message saying “Broadcasted Special Code” pops up, letting everyone know the doors are open.

The Bottom Line

In Lethal Company, working together is key to success. Having a team member operate the ship’s terminal ensures good communication and opens secured doors. Teamwork is essential for overcoming challenges, whether it’s unlocking doors, avoiding traps, or facing tough enemies. Knowing how to handle both locked and secured doors is crucial for mastering the game.

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