How to Open Any Windows Application In Minimized Mode

by Narendra

Every time in windows whenever we want to open an application like google chrome, notepad or any other inbuilt or third party app, it automatically opens in full-screen mode, from that in our home screen there are tons of different application pages are opened that quite make confusion especially when we are in hurry.

But Don’t Worry Anymore.

Here I have Solution to minimized every window application through which you set it to minimized mode so whenever you want to open that application it opened in minimized mode from which you don’t have lots of pages in your home screen, just open that application from taskbar showing icon.

If you are like me who have the habit to open lots of different application in windows then this minimized mode will help you a lot.

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Run Windows Application In Minimized Mode “Steps To Follow”

Step: 1 Choose any windows program which you want to open in minimized mode always, Here I am choosing google chrome for example.

Step: 2 For Easy, first take that application to the window home screen as a shortcut, then Right Click on the icon, and in straight below you will see the properties click on it.

Step: 3 After you opened that program properties “click on shortcut” option, and below you will see the Run option where the default is set as a normal window.

Step: 4 In run option choose the “minimized option” and click on apply then press ok button. That’s all.

After that whenever you will open that particular program it will automatically start in minimized mode.

Wrapping Up: Automatically run the application in minimized mode For Windows

These were the steps you have to follow to make any windows application run in a minimized mode which you can open from the taskbar into full-screen mode whenever you want to use, which makes your home screen more clear and also doesn’t make any confusion while you are in hurry.

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