How to Migrate Saitama V1 to V2?

by Narendra

How to Migrate Saitama V1 to V2: In June 2022, Saitama Token moves from its V1 version to its V2 version. The main goal of moving to v2 is to improve the Saitama project so that it will be stronger and last longer.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to move from Saitama V1 to V2, what the benefits of Saitama migration are, and what you should take with you and know before you move your Saitama tokens.

How to Migrate Saitama V1 to V2?

1. Copy Saitama V2 Contract Address

You must first write down the Saitama V2 Contract Address. You can find Saitama V2 Contract Address on the Saitama website or below.

Saitama V2 Contract Address: “0xce3f08e664693ca792cace4af1364d5e220827b2”

Copy or double-check the Saitama V2 Contract Address from the official Saitama website before adding it to your crypto wallet, and don’t give anyone your seed phrase.

Also, if you put in the wrong Saitama V2 Contract Address, you won’t get a new Saitama token. Instead, you’ll lose your Saitama token.

2. Open Your Crypto Wallet

Open your cryptocurrency wallet after you have copied the Saitama V2 Contract Address. It could be Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Wallet, or Trust Wallet.

  1. For people who have a Coinbase Wallet, open the wallet, go to “Settings,” then “Manage Assets,” and then “Send.” Click on the “+” at the top right.
  2. For people who use MetaMask Wallet, open it and go to “Import Tokens” or “Add custom Token.”
  3. If you have a Trust Wallet, open it and go to “Add Tokens” or “Add custom Token.”

3. Paste Saitama V2 Contract Address

Now, open your crypto wallet (Coinbase, MetaMask, or Trust Wallet), copy the new Saitama V2 contract address, and paste it into your wallet. You’ll also need to fill in other information.

4. Confirm All Information

After entering the Saitama V2 contract address and any other required information, you only need to check or confirm all of the information you’ve entered once.

Because your new Saitama token will be lost if you put in the wrong Saitama V2 contract address.

5. Saitama V2 Migration Completed

When you click “finish” after checking all the details, Saitama V2 Migration Completed Successfully.

How Does Saitama V2 Migration Work?

The Saitama team will take a snapshot of the blockchain to see how many Saitama you had in your wallet before the migration. Under the new contract, an equal number of tokens will be dropped into your wallet.

When we switch from V1 to V2, these new tokens will have the same value in your wallet.

The V2 tokens will be sent to your wallet by airdrop, which means that you won’t have to do anything to get them.

If, after the airdrop, you don’t see the new tokens in your wallet, add the V2 contract address by hand, and your tokens will show up.

Saitama V2 Migration Cost

You won’t have to pay for anything. The whole cost of moving will be paid for by the Saitama Development Team. Your V2 tokens will be given to you for free through an airdrop.