How To Log Out All Connected Devices From Your Twitter Account

by Narendra

Hey, Do you know there is someone using your twitter account on their smartphone??

Keeping privacy and security on smartphone is foremost part while using any social media, to being secure for long time you must have to check and log out your account sessions from various devices, Most of the time to use social media we open up our account in different devices as well in our friends smartphones, from that we lose our privacy and hand over to unknown person, for that to make your account secure here in this article I will show you the steps that you should have follow to log out your all connected twitter account from different devices.

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Sign Out All Connected Devices From Twitter Account

Log Out All Devices With Using Laptop

Step: 1 Firstly Log In to your twitter account on a laptop or computer.

Step: 2 On the left side of the twitter homepage choose the last option “More” where a new pop-up window opens.

Step: 3 Then choose the “setting and privacy” option, and where tab more expand and your account setting will open.

Step: 4 Now In the “Data and permissions” tab you will see the option of “Apps and sessions” click on that.

Step: 5 As you click on “Apps and sessions” a new tab will open where there is an option to “Log Out All other sessions” click on that to log out your twitter account from different devices.

That’s all you have to do if you want to log out your all twitter account from various devices, by using a laptop.

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Log Out All Devices With Using the Twitter app in Smartphones

Step: 1 Firstly Open your twitter app and log in to your account.

Step: 2 On the upper left side, click on that avatar or your profile pic.

Step: 3 Now choose the last second option “Setting and privacy” click on it.

Step: 4 As you open a new tab of setting and privacy will open, where choose the first option “Account”. After that scroll down where you will see option “Apps and sessions” click on that.

Step: 5 Now in apps and sessions tab click on “log out of all other sessions” to log out your twitter account from every device.

Wrapping up: Log out all devices from the twitter account

These were the steps you have to follow if you want to secure your account by unknow active devices, I recommend you to check every month account active sessions device, Is there any devices your twitter account is active then log out and be secure from hackers.

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