How to Level Up in Street NBA 2K23

by Kirti Rajput

How to Level Up in Street NBA 2K23 : In NBA 2K23, you can make your own player and take him or her all the way to the top. It shows what modern basketball players have to do to go from being an amateur to a professional.

Sponsorships from businesses are, of course, one of these things. Since a while ago, the best athletes have been putting out ads for things like fashion brands and cars. And, of course, so can your player.

The Ruffles Endorsement Deal, on the other hand, requires you to level up your Street levels in NBA 2K23.

How to Level Up in Street NBA 2K23

How to Level Up in Street NBA 2K23

Street works a lot like Corporate and Free Spirit, and leveling up Flashy in NBA 2K23 does the same thing.

That is, you need to do things that will help you earn Street points, which will eventually raise your Street Level.

But unlike these three, which can be leveled up by buying clothes or giving the right answers in interviews, Street really only has one way to level up.

The “Devin Booker Challenge 22” is how this is done. This daily quest has a few things you need to do to finish it, and when you do, you’ll get +25 Street.

Once you’ve agreed to do the quest, go play at Moss Point Park. Since this is the only way to do it, it can take a long time to get to a good enough level.

To be able to get the Ruffles Endorsement Deal, you need to have 70.000 Fans, 4 Free Spirit Levels, and 6 Street Levels.