How to keep clean sheets in FIFA games

by Narendra

How to keep clean sheets in FIFA games : In FIFA games, keeping a clean sheet means not letting the other team score any goals. In other words, you don’t let the other team score in that game.

It is very hard to get clean sheets. But if your goalie has the right plan and works hard, he or she can finish the game without giving up a goal.

How to keep clean sheets in FIFA games

How to keep clean sheets in FIFA games

If you want to keep clean sheets in FIFA, get the finest goalkeeper and defensive players and use a 4–5–1 formation. With this formation, the other team’s strikers won’t be able to get close to your goalkeeper.

At the same time, it gives you a chance to score a goal on the counterattack.

If you have more than 60% of the cards, you should probably be able to keep a clean record.

Also, make sure that your players are in the right places. Check to see that the back four are where they should be.

When defending, hold LT to move the ball around. Have your defenders follow the other team’s strikers at a safe distance of 3–5 m and stop them from getting close to the box.

When you jockey, you can keep your defenders farther away and react faster than usual.

keep clean sheets in FIFA games

Again, it’s not easy to keep sheets clean. When there are only 10 or 15 minutes left in a game, AI-controlled players often start dribbling like crazy.

They start making passes so fast that it looks like they are playing in fast-forward.

It’s like the game forgets you’re a real person, so you can’t move as quickly as AI-controlled players.

Don’t stress if you can only find a few clean sheets. The game is set up so that at least some of the goals are scored by AI-controlled players.

You might be winning the game the whole time, but before it’s over, the ball might start to bounce funny and the strikers on the other team will find a way to score.