How to hide comments when watching instagram live?

by Narendra
  1. There is no option to conceal comments when viewing Instagram live.
  2. You can disable comments for your own live videos by going to Settings prior to going live.

How to Watch Instagram Live Video Without Comments

How to hide comments when watching Instagram live?


Can someone see if you’re watching their Instagram livestream?
Yes, people can see if you are watching their Instagram live broadcast. If someone can see your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen while you’re watching a live video, they can see that you’re watching.

Can one observe Instagram live without being spotted?
Yes, it is possible to watch Instagram live without being seen. To accomplish this, you must ensure that your account is set to private and that you are not following the account that is broadcasting the live. In addition, you have the option to conceal your likes and comments from the broadcaster.

Can someone tell if you’re watching their live stream if you don’t click on the button?
Yes, if you do not click it, someone can see you watching their live stream. If the broadcaster has enabled the “public” setting and you are watching a live video, anyone who visits the page will be able to view your video stream.

What occurs when you participate in an Instagram live?
When you participate in an Instagram live, you can view the live video being broadcast by the person who initiated the live. You can also view comments and reactions from other viewers of the live event.

Can a Facebook user tell if you’ve viewed their video?
Yes, Facebook videos can be followed. If someone watches your video, the video insights tab will display that information.

Can YouTubers see who is viewing their videos?
Yes, the vast majority of YouTubers can see who watches their streams. They can do so by utilizing a service like Twitch or YouTube Gaming, which provide the broadcaster with live viewing data. This information includes the name, age, and location of the viewer.

How do you determine who viewed your Facebook live video?
There is no way to determine who has viewed your Facebook live video. In the “video insights” section of your Facebook page, you can view a list of individuals who have viewed the video. This will display the number of unique viewers as well as the total number of video views.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram video?
You can see who has viewed your Instagram video. To view the list of individuals who have viewed your video, launch it and then select the “Viewers” tab.

Can you view your Instagram story’s viewers?
Yes, you can view your Instagram story’s viewers. Simply navigate to your app’s Stories section and tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Select “Story viewers” then.

How can you tell if your Instagram is being viewed?
There is no foolproof way to determine if someone is viewing your Instagram account, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances. Ensure that your profile is visible to the public and that you have a strong photo lineup. Next, publish content that will capture people’s interest. Use hashtags to expand your audience reach. If you follow these suggestions, you will have a greater chance of being noticed on Instagram!

How can you determine who is following you on Instagram?
There is no foolproof way to determine who is stalking you on Instagram, but you can look for certain signs. For instance, if someone has been following you for a long time, but you haven’t followed them back, or if they have a large number of photos of you that you don’t recall being taken, these could be indications that they are stalking you. If you are concerned that someone is stalking you on Instagram, you can block or report the user.

How can you tell if you’re being stalked on Instagram?
There are several indications that someone is following you on Instagram. If they are following you but you do not return the favor, this may be a sign. Additionally, if they consistently like or comment on all of your posts, this could be a sign that they are stalking you. If you feel that someone is stalking you on Instagram, you should block them and report them.

Why do individuals appear on people you may know?
There are several reasons why people may appear on the list of people you may know. After a lengthy separation, they may be attempting to reconnect with you. They may want to determine if you’re doing well or if you need assistance with something. Lastly, they may simply be curious about your identity and activities.

Are you visible when live streaming?
Yes, you can be seen while live streaming. The camera on your mobile device will transmit your image to anyone who is viewing the stream.

Are you visible when live streaming?
Yes, you can be seen while live streaming. The live stream will be accessible to anyone with the link, and it will be archived on the website from which it originated.

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