How to Get Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage

by Narendra

How to Get Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage: The Fire Emblem series is known, among other things, for the large number of playable characters. These characters have different stats, different roles in battle, and different weapons they like to use.

And you’ll need to know how to get different Weapon Proficiencies to change the classes of your characters. This Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Explained guide tells you everything you need to know about this system.

What is a Weapon Proficiency?

Fire Emblem Engage means that you know how to use a certain type of weapon well. Everyone in the game starts out knowing how to use a weapon well.

By using it in battle, they get better at using it. By doing this, you can use that weapon in new ways and learn new attacks. And if you want to change your character’s class, you’ll need to unlock Weapon Proficiencies. In the next part, we’ll talk about how to do this.

How to Get Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage

In FE Engage, you have to bond with the different Emblem Rings before you can use different Weapon Proficiencies. You can unlock different weapon skills with each of these Emblem Rings.

Emblem Rings can be used in a couple of ways to strengthen relationships. For example, you can give the Emblem you want to a unit before it goes into battle.

You can also use fragments of bonds to send that unit into the Arena to fight with that Emblem. You can find the Arena in Somniel, which is your main hub.

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And once you have the required Weapon Proficiencies, you can change your character’s class if you meet the requirements. Keep in mind that once you switch classes, you can only use the weapon skills for that class. So make the right plans.