How To Get Vorquin Mounts In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

by Sourabh

How To Get Vorquin Mounts In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is coming soon, and some of the mounts that will only be available in Dragonflight have already been released. The Dracthyr race mounts and the Vorquin are two examples. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have pre-ordered Dragonflight in order to get these mounts.

The process takes, give or take, about twenty minutes. This depends on how long you want to spend making your character.

At the moment, there is no way for any other race than the Dracthyr to unlock these mounts. Once the whole expansion is unlocked, that might change. If this does change, the guide will be changed to reflect the new information.

You can get these mounts very easily and they only cost a few hundred gold. If you like collecting mounts, it is well worth it. “Time is money, friend,” as the goblins say.

When World of Warcraft: Dragonflight comes out, there will probably be more mount guides, so keep your eyes open.

How To Get Vorquin Mounts In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

Getting the Vorquin mounts starts with making a Dracthyr.

After that, you should start the storyline in the starting zone, The Forbidden Reach. The third quest, “The Healing Wings,” gives you your first mount and teaches you how to ride it.

The person selling mounts and giving the next quest are both to your left, so it’s very important that you remember their names. Talk to them and buy horses when you can.

The unarmed Vorquin cost 40 gold. Each armored Vorquin costed 80 gold. To buy these mounts, you don’t need any reputation or special skills.

So there you are! Eight mounts were easily gotten. With Dragonflight, there will definitely be lots of mount collections in the future.