How to Get & Use Crucifix in Doors Roblox?

by Kirti Rajput

How to Get & Use Crucifix in Doors Roblox? Doors is a popular horror survival game on Roblox. To get to Door 100, you have to go through a series of doors. You will have to avoid the bad Entities that want to hurt you along the way.

There are many ways to do this, and the Crucifix item is one of them. But how does this thing even work, and how do you get it? In our Doors Crucifix Explained guide, you’ll find the answers to both of these questions.

How to Get Crucifix in Doors Roblox?

In Doors, there are different ways to get the Crucifix. For the first way, you have to find Jeff’s Shop. This shop appears at Door 52 and sells a number of things, including the Flashlight, Vitamins, Skeleton Key, Lighter, and, of course, the Crucifix.

There are only four items in the shop, so it’s not a given that the Crucifix will be one of them. It costs 250 Gold, so make sure you have that amount of Gold Coins. The Crucifix can also be found on top of doors and in drawers.

How to Use the Crucifix in Doors Roblox

Now that you have the Crucifix, you might be wondering what it does in Doors. Well, you can use this item on Entities that do damage to chain them to the floor.

As such, it works very well against creatures like Dupe. It doesn’t work as well against The Figure and Seek Entities because it doesn’t stop them from moving for good.

Instead, it will stun them and tie them down for a short time, giving you time to get away. Keep in mind that the Crucifix is an item that can only be used once on an Entity.