How to get two Energy Bars in Disney Dreamlight Valley

by Anchal Thakur

How to get two Energy Bars in Disney Dreamlight Valley: One of the most important parts of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Energy system, which affects almost everything you do in the game. No matter what you do, whether it’s mining, fishing, harvesting, or watering crops, you lose energy.

How to get two Energy Bars in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you play Disney Dreamlight Valley often, you’ll soon find out that keeping your energy bar full can be very hard.

In this Disney Dreamlight Valley energy boost guide, we show you how to get your energy back and fill it up as quickly as possible. And even how to use two Energy Bars to get more energy.

How to get two Energy Bars in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you don’t want to waste time instead of doing things, you need to know how to get your energy back quickly and efficiently. And since almost everything in the game makes you lose Energy, it can get harder to keep track of your Energy.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are two ways to get your Energy back. You can either go back to your home and wait for it to slowly refill, or you can eat different foods that will also get your Energy back.

It’s important to remember that eating complex meals (made with recipes) is a much better way to restore Energy than just eating raw ingredients.

The thing is, many meals will fill your Energy Bar past your current maximum, and five-star meals will even give you two Energy Bars.

That’s why it’s best to bring your meals with you instead of just going back home to eat. A Reddit user named u/welshdragon888 has figured out how to get “easy, free energy boosts” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We like it a lot, so we’re going to share it with you:

  1. Unlock the realm of Ratatouille in the castle.
  2. Make a 5-star dinner in the realm (Free).
  3. Use the recipe and the auto-fill feature to make many.
  4. Eat a few meals so that your energy bar can be filled twice.
  5. You get twice as much energy and a speed boost.
  6. Drop the stack on the floor before you leave the realm (VERY IMPORTANT) (VERY IMPORTANT).
  7. When you need energy, you can open the map and quickly get to the realm.
  8. Pick up the pile from the floor.
  9. Eat 2 meals.
  10. Put the stack down so it’s ready for next time.

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