How To Get Twitter Circle Step by Step

by Narendra

How To Get Twitter Circle : Some people on Twitter have tens of thousands or even millions of people who follow them. Many famous people have lost their jobs because of tweets that were made public.

Before, you could keep more people from seeing your tweets by making your account private. That meant you had to approve people who wanted to follow you, and only people who followed you could respond to your tweets.

There is a way to limit notifications for those who have been verified, but you have to have the blue tick to do that. For the average Twitter user, everyone could see what you tweeted. Forever. Unless deleted.

What is Twitter Circle Feature

With Twitter Circle, only the people you choose can see your tweets. This way, you don’t lose your big following. You can choose up to 150 people to be in your circle, but be careful!

You can only have one circle, but people in it can still take screenshots of tweets and post them. Definitely, this feature is only for your ride and dies.

Only you can see the full list of people in your Twitter circle, and you won’t be able to retweet their tweets.

You might be thinking that this sounds a lot like Twitter’s “Super Follows.” You’re right, the two things are very similar, except for one big thing: money. Super Follows means that you have to pay to see only that person’s tweets.

You don’t have to pay to be a part of Twitter Circle. Anyone can join for free.

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How To Get Twitter Circle

In May, Twitter gave the feature to a small number of users. This was made bigger again in July as a test. But as of today, it’s open to anyone and everyone.

If you have the most recent version of Twitter, you’ll see that when you go to tweet, you have two options: Everyone or Twitter Circle. Click “Edit” to see all of your followers and add them to your circle.

You can make a Twitter Circle by clicking on the people you trust the most. Some people are seeing the feature, but when they go to tweet, it’s gone. You might want to give it a little time.

Say goodbye to secret Twitter accounts for tweets you don’t want your parents or exes to see. You can keep all of your tweets in one account and choose whether or not to make them public.

You shouldn’t say anything on Twitter that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Even though this feature is a big step toward stopping unwanted tweets from going viral, it shouldn’t be used to bully people or say something very private.