How to get to Golgoroth’s Maze chest ?

by Narendra

How to get to Golgoroth’s Maze chest: The Season of the Plunder for Destiny 2 has just begun. As part of the new season, Bungie has decided to bring back King’s Fall, which is one of the raids that the community loves the most.

But this time, not everything is exactly the same. The developers have decided to spice things up a bit by making some small changes here and there to give things a new feel.

How to get to Golgoroth’s Maze chest ?

One of these changes has thrown off a lot of players. We’re talking about the plate order for Golgoroth’s Maze Hidden Chest. In this guide, you’ll find a map of the Golgoroth Maze Chest so you can figure out how to open the hidden chest in the Golgoroth Maze.

Golgoroth Maze Map Destiny 2: Hidden Chest Plates Order

You likely know that in the King’s Fall raid, right before you fight Golgoroth, there is a plate maze with a hidden chest. To open this chest, you need to turn on the plates in the right order.

You can get to the chest if you step on them in the right order.

But before, there were only four plates to step on.

In Season of the Plunder, another plate has been added, and the order in which you need to step on them has changed. Don’t worry, because we have the new order.

On the map below, you can see the exact new order. It is an original map made by community member Taux, which has been changed by another community member, Yet Another Horse.

Follow this Golgoroth Maze map’s instructions for activating the plates, and you’ll get your Golgoroth’s Maze hidden chest in no time! Make sure to look at the map for more directions as well. Now that we’ve said all of this, our guide is done.