How to Get Therapy Dog in Adopt Me: Latest Update

by Anchal Thakur

How to Get Therapy Dog in Adopt Me: With the next Adopt Me Therapy Dog update, a new pet will be available for a limited time. Patty the therapy dog is the name of the new pet, and I’m sure many of you will want to know how to get it.

After all, the whole point of the new update is to bring attention to a good cause, which is pretty cool. So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what you need to do to get the therapy dog in Adopt Me.

How to Get Therapy Dog in Adopt Me

How to Get Therapy Dog in Adopt Me

In Adopt Me, you have to wait for the new update to come out before you can get the therapy dog pet.

Usually, this is the part of the guide where we convert between different time zones so you know when the update will come out in your area.

We don’t have to do any math because the people who make Adopt Me always put up a handy countdown. When the Therapy Dog update comes out, a new stand like the one shown above will be added to the game.

When you talk to Patty, the therapy dog, you’ll get a small quest to heal three pets or babies. Then you’ll get a Patty all to yourself.

So, that’s how you get the therapy dog in the next Adopt Me update. Keep in mind that Patty and her stand will stay in the game for a week, so don’t wait too long.

Plus, the whole thing is a really cool thing that the people who made Adopt Me did. It’s basically them giving a big shout-out to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which has been around since 1852.

They care about the health of children and have a program called GOSH Play Team. Their job is to set up different activities for sick kids so that they can feel better. The people who made Adopt Me are going to give them more than $50,000.