How to Get the Wow Emote in FFXIV

by Anchal Thakur

How to Get the Wow Emote in FFXIV: Patch 6.25 for Final Fantasy XIV is out, and it adds a lot of new content. This includes new side quests, different dungeons, the new main and daily quests for the Omicron tribe, Manderville weapons, and a lot more.

Aside from new game content, there are also new cosmetics, like the emote we’re talking about in this guide. Find out how to get the new FF14 emote by reading on.

How to Get the Wow Emote in FFXIV

So, where in Final Fantasy XIV can I find the Wow emote? Like many of the other cosmetics in FF14, emotes don’t do anything useful. Their only purpose is to let players have fun and act out a role.

The Wow emote, as its name suggests, shows surprise by making the mouth of the player character open wide. But you have to first unlock it before you can use it.

Only people who have bought the Endwalker expansion can use the new FF14 emote. That’s because one of the requirements is that you have to have finished the Endwalker campaign and have a level 90 job character. To get the FFXIV Wow Emote, you have to gather a few Sil’dihn Potsherds.

When you finish the Sil’dihn Subterrane variant dungeon, which is one of the new dungeons added with the FF14 6.25 update, you get Sil’dihn Potsherds as a reward.

But you can’t play this dungeon until you’ve finished the “A Key to the Past” quest. These coordinates can be used to start this quest: X:11.9, Y:13.3. There, in Old Sharlayan, you’ll find a non-player character named Osmon.

He will point you in the direction of the quest giver, Shallow Moor. Once the quest is done, you can either do the new variant dungeons by yourself or with a group until you have enough Sil’dihn Potsherds.

Then all you have to do is go back to Old Sharlayan and find Trisassant at these coordinates: X:11.9, Y:13.3. There is a place in Final Fantasy XIV where you can trade Sil’dihn Potsherds for the Wow emote.