How To Get The Ability Patch In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

by Narendra

How To Get The Ability Patch In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can get a lot of great items that will help your Pokemon improve their stats. The Ability Patch is one of these. This guide will tell you how to get the ability patch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is a hard-to-find item.

There are many ways to get useful items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can help your Pokemon by giving them sandwiches, items you’re holding, IV training, and other things.

But some of the best items for improving your Pokemon’s stats are harder to get than others, so you have your work cut out for you.

How To Get The Ability Patch In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

First of all, you can get more than one of this item, but it is considered to be rare. This is because only 6-star Tera Raids drop them. You also have to finish the Academy Ace Tournament in order to get them, since they won’t drop from 6-star Tera Raids unless you’ve done that first.

Once you’ve finished the tournament, talk to Mr. Jacq and he’ll ask you to do a certain number of 5-star Raids. After you’ve finished those, you’ll be able to access 6-star Raids and start earning Ability Patches.

With these Ability Patches, you can change a Pokemon’s normal Ability to one of its Hidden Abilities. This is a very powerful item to use, especially if you know your Pokemon doesn’t have the best skills right now and that this item will help them a lot.

You can only do one 6-star Tera Raid a day, so make good use of your Ability Patches.

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