How to Get Thanksgiving in Couch Merge Mansion

by Narendra

How to Get Thanksgiving in Couch Merge Mansion: During the Merge Mansion Thanksgiving 2022 event, you can get a lot of things, including the Merge Mansion Thanksgiving Couch.

This item is more important than others because it drops another item that you need to finish one of the event tasks. The problem is that it’s hard to get the Thanksgiving Couch, which is why we wrote this guide.

How to Get Thanksgiving in Merge Mansion

In Merge Mansion, you have to do a lot of merging to get the Thanksgiving Couch.

First, you need to get napkins from the Crate, the Cart, or the Truck. Then, you combine those to level 6 (Napkins > Cutlery > Glasses > Plates > Table Setting). Then you can tap the Table Setting to get the Thanksgiving Table with Nothing on it. Great.

Now, you need to combine the Spatula and the Mixing Bowl to get the Dutch Oven. You also have to make the Charcuterie (chain starts with Milk), Fruit Bouquet (chain starts with Candle), or Prepped Vegetables (chain starts with Carrot). Use the Dutch oven and one of the foods we just talked about to fill the empty table and make it the full table for Thanksgiving.

The next step to getting the Merge Mansion Thanksgiving Couch is to tap the Full Thanksgiving Table and pick up all of those Deviled Eggs.

It’s time to join up again. The order is Deviled Eggs > Dinner Rolls > Gravy > Mashed Potatoes > Green Bean Casserole > Corn on the Cob > Roast Turkey > Plate Full of Food. The Couch finally falls when the last link in the chain breaks. Yes, that sure was a long trip, wasn’t it?

Some of you are probably wondering what was going on. Well, tapping the Couch makes a bunch of Pecan Tartlets and a Parade Invitation. Both of these things have their own desert merge chains. More importantly, the Keepsake Box is the very last thing it gives you. You need it to finish the task “A Box Full of Secrets.”