How to Get Song Of Temptation in Lost Ark

by Narendra

We’ll talk about how to get the Song of Temptation in this Lost Ark guide.

How to Get Song Of Temptation in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can earn many songs as you move through the story, while others require you to do certain activities and quests. Song of Temptation is a song that needs an Adventurer’s Tome to be filled.

Some NPCs in the game get along better with you if you play this unique tune. But, unlike other songs, this one is not a reward for a quest. You must instead fill up 50% of the Adventurer’s Tome in Yudia.

Since Yudia is a small continent, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to reach 50 percent. There are things you can do to help fill your Adventurer’s Tome. Among these things are:

  1. Getting access to fast travel points
  2. Putting an end to this continent’s main story
  3. Getting through dungeons
  4. Examining Vistas
  5. Where to find the Triports
  6. How to Find Food
  7. Once you’ve done these things, go to the Yudia section of tome and click on the Item Icon. Now, click the “Claim All” button and, once the item is in your inventory, right-click it to learn it.


How do you use songs in Lost Ark?

The way songs are played is very easy. You’ll get to hear more songs as the story goes on and as you complete quests. Once you have the song, you can play it by dragging it from the Sheet Music tab to your action bar and then clicking it.

Where is the roar in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you have to go to Freedom Isle and talk to Blackfang to get the Roar emote. She is a special vendor on the island, and for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins, she will sell you the Roar emote. After you buy an item, make sure to turn it on in your inventory.