How to Get Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO

by Narendra

How to Get Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO: We’ll show you how to get the Shadow version of the Steel Pokemon. And, more importantly, when you will be able to get it. In an upcoming event, the Shadow version of Registeel will make its debut, so you should get ready.

How to Get Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday, February 1, 2023, to get a Shadow Registeel. That’s when the Team GO Rocket Takeover event will start, and Arlo, Sierra, Cliff, and Giovanni will all be there to fight again.

From February 1 to 5, you’ll be able to help Candela, Spark, and Blanche fight back against Team Rocket. For Shadow Registeel, you’ll need to finish the Special Research event story to get a Super Rocket Radar and find Giovanni.

Shadow Registeel will be one of his Pokemon, and if you can beat it, you’ll have a chance to catch it. By the way, you can still get the Special Research story up until March 1.

So, yeah, that’s how you can get a Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO in 2023. Also, that’s one of a few new Shadow Pokemon that Niantic will add to the event.

Shadow Spoink, Shadow Blitzle, Shadow Joltik, and Shadow Alolan Vulpix are also likely to show up. And while we’re talking about it, don’t forget that when you beat Team Rocket grunts, you can sometimes get special twelve-kilometer Eggs.

Some interesting and somewhat rare Pokemon can be found in these, like Absol, Larvitar, Deino, Scraggy, Skorupi, Vullaby, Sandile, Salandit, Pancham, Skrelp, and Pawniard. In other words, you should go to the event and get the most out of it.