How To Get Scrap In Raft: Complete detail

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of How To Get Scrap In Raft. Now it’s harder to find scraps. As of the most recent update to Raft, this guide will tell you where to find all Scraps.

In Raft, scraps are rare items that you can collect. They can be used to make many things, including important ones like the Hook, Metal Axe, Metal Fishing Rod, and so on.

How To Get Scrap Metal In Raft


Barrels are the easiest thing to get where you can get Scrap In Raft Especially early on in the game, barrels often have pieces of Scrap in them. You can find barrels floating in the water; all you have to do is grab one with your hook and pull it toward you.

If you really want to make the most of this method, there is one thing you can do. To get the items that are floating in the air, you need to make a Simple Collection Net. It’s easier to let the nets do their job if you put them on the two sides of your raft.

Vacated Rafts

You can also find a few Scraps in rafts that are no longer being used. This isn’t the best way to get Scrap though, since Vacated Rafts are hard to find and only give out a small amount of Scrap.


The best way to find Scrap is to look around the islands’ reefs, especially the. The most of them are found underwater. Sail toward an island you find, then anchor your raft so you can explore the depths of the island.

This method is more likely to work, but it is also very dangerous. Whenever you try to go underwater, a shark will chase you. It’s hard to keep running away from the shark and keep an eye out for Scrap at the same time, which is why the shark should be killed.

You have two options for getting rid of the shark: you can either kill it or use bait to distract it. It’s best to use spears to kill the shark. About four or five good headshots with a spear will do the trick.

You need Herring and Pomfreits to make bait. If you aren’t ready for battle yet, you should use baits instead. They can buy you enough time to get a few pieces of Scrap. You also have to watch out for your oxygen. Keep looking at the meter and make sure you don’t die underwater.

A few pieces of metal are under the water. To get Scarps from the metal pieces, you have to pull out your hook and hit them with all your strength.


How do I get Scrap in Raft?

You can get scrap from barrels, rafts that are no longer being used, or reefs around islands. It’s mostly found underwater, and you need a Hook to get it.

How do you pick up metal in the raft?

In Raft, you can get Metal by going to an island, tying down your Raft, and jumping into the water. Metal ore is found underwater on the sides of hills and cliffs. It looks like small, light green stones. To get it, all you have to do is use your Plastic Hook, but watch out for the Shark.

How do you get sand in a raft?

You can get Sand in Raft by going to an island and digging it up in the shallow water around the island with a Plastic Hook or something better. If you have a Plastic Hook and hold down the left mouse button while your cursor is over a Sand deposit, you can quickly dig it up.

Where can I buy a bolt raft?

You can make a bolt by smelting Metal Ore in the Smelter, researching Metal Ingots, and then using the menu to craft it. You might also find it in a Loot Box.