How to Get Retro Prisoner Skin in Callisto Protocol

by Anchal Thakur

How to Get Retro Prisoner Skin in Callisto Protocol: The Callisto Protocol is a video game made by Striking Distance Studios. It is an adventure and horror-survival game. You play as Jacob Lee, a prisoner at the Black Iron Prison on Callisto Moon in the year 2320.

You can have different skins for your character and weapons. The Retro Prisoner Skin is one of these, and it can be put on in-game. But how do I get this skin or open it? Check out our guide to the Callisto Protocol to learn how to get the Retro Prisoner Skin.

How to Get Retro Prisoner Skin in Callisto Protocol

You can only get the Retro Prisoner Skin if you buy the Callisto Protocol ahead of time. This is one of the bonuses you can get if you buy the game early. If you missed the pre-order, you can still buy the Collector’s Edition or the Digital Edition. Here are all the versions where the Retro Prisoner skin is available:

  1. The Day One Edition costs $59.99
  2. Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99)
  3. The Collector’s Edition costs $249.

When you buy an Edition, you get a Retro Prisoner character skin and two weapon skins. But keep in mind that the Collector’s Edition is only sold in the United States.

How to Get Retro Prisoner Skin in Callisto Protocol

Follow the steps below:

  1. From the Main Menu, go to Options.
  2. Click on “Gameplay” and then choose “Character Skin.”
  3. This is where you can find the Retro Prisoner Skin.
  4. Just press the keybind to choose and put on the skin.

But recently, some players have been having trouble seeing their Retro Prisoner Skin. Still, keep reading to find out how to fix the “Retro Prisoner skin doesn’t show up” problem in Callisto Protocol.

Retro Prisoner Skin Not Showing : Solutions


This is the classic way to get around these kinds of problems, and it usually works. Several players in the community were able to fix the problem where the Retro Prisoner skin wasn’t showing up by using this method.

So, try turning your console or computer back on. For some players, it only took one restart, but for the rest, it took more than two.


If the version of Callisto Protocol you are using is old, you might be having this problem. So, make sure that the game is on the most recent version. If there are updates that need to be downloaded and installed, do so.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the most recent updates, start the game to see if the problem is still there.

Check the game files on either Steam or Epic

This problem can also happen when files are missing or broken. You can check the information about your game on the launcher or client you used to get it.

Follow these steps if you downloaded Callisto Protocol from Steam:

  1. Start the Steam launcher, then go to Library. Right-click on Callisto Protocol, then click Properties, Local files, and then click Check to see if game files are complete.
  2. Follow these steps if you are using the Epic Games client:
  3. Open the launcher for Epic Games > Library > Click on the three dots below Callisto Protocol >. Verify
  4. Once the game files have been checked and redownloaded, the game should be started again.
  5. Even though it might take a while to finish, this should fix the problem where the Callisto Protocol Retro Prisoner Skin is not showing up. If that doesn’t work, you can try reinstalling the game as a last resort.