How to Get NMS Inverted Mirrors

by Narendra

How to Get NMS Inverted Mirrors You’ve come to the right place if you want to know where to find NMS Inverted Mirror locations and how to get them. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Inverted Mirrors in No Man’s Sky and give you some tips on how to get them as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s get started without further ado!

In NMS, or No Man’s Sky, you need to know where you can find an Inverted Mirror before you can get one. Well, they come from corrupted planets, which are planets that have been taken over by Corrupted Sentinels.

You can find these on your own or with the help of the Dreadnought AI Fragment. As you look around the planet, you should look for big machines that look like really big drills.

Inverted Mirrors is what you get when you destroy these drills. You can blow them up however you want, but remember that the Sentinels won’t be happy and will come after you.

Even with all of that, you might run into some problems. One problem is that you can’t seem to get Inverted Mirrors in the mountains. Also, if you go back to Sentinel planets you’ve already explored, there may be a lot of bugs. Better to go to unknown worlds.

How to Farm NMS Inverted Mirrors

Now that we know where to find an NMS Inverted Mirror (well, many of them) and how to get them in No Man’s Sky in general, here’s a tip on how to get them as quickly as possible.

Once you’re on a planet with Sentinels, you need to fly around until you find the Sentinel Tower. If you destroy it, all Sentinel activity will stop, except for the drills that use the Mirrors.

So, you can go around and blow up drills at your own pace without anyone coming to help you. Depending on the planet, this method can get you around fifty Inverted Mirrors in about thirty minutes.

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