How to Get Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X

by Ami Dalsania

How to Get Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X: There are now neon pets in Pet Sim X! With their sharp neon lines, these animals have a very unique look. They look like a retro neon sign come to life.

There are a few of these Neon pets in the game right now, but we’re going to focus on just one, the Neon Dog, in this guide. So, if you want to know how much a Neon Dog is worth in Pet Simulator X and how to get one, this guide is here to help. It will tell you everything you need to know about this.

How to Get Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X

At the time this was written, the Neon Dog was worth about 600,000,000 Gems in PSX. Unlike the Neon Cat, the Neon Dog doesn’t come in a huge number of different styles.

It has two spells built into it. The first one is called Companion II, and it makes this pet 60% as strong as your best pets at all times. The second spell is chosen at random. We’ll talk about how to get the Neon Dog in the next part of this guide.

How to Get Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X

In Pet Sim X, you can either trade for the Neon Dog pet, which is pretty expensive as you can see, or you can just buy the Exclusive Pets Egg. One Exclusive Pets Egg costs 400 Robux to hatch, three of them cost 1200 Robux, and you can buy 10 of them for 3200 Robux.

Of course, you can’t be sure that the egg will give you a Neon Dog. The odds are as follows: Neon Cat (50%), Neon Dog (35%), Neon Griffin (13%), Huge Neon Cat (1.25%), Huge Neon Griffin (0.75%), and Titanic Neon Agony (0.05%).

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