How to Get More Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

by Narendra

In our Dwarf Fortress Seeds, Get More Plump Helmet Seeds guide, we’ll talk about some of the most important parts of how this game mechanic works.

This is a game, and that part of it is taken very seriously. We’ll show you how to get more Seeds to plant in general, and especially more Plump Helmet Seeds, which seem to be a big problem. Here we go!

How to Get More Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, there are five different ways to get more seeds. The first one is trading, but that isn’t the most reliable way to get money. Next, you can either eat raw plants and fruit or use a Still to make a drink from them.

How to Get More Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

The fourth choice is to use a Quern or Millstone to grind plants. Last but not least, you can also get seeds from processing plants at a Farmer’s Workshop. If you want the seeds, don’t cook the plants.

Now, there are a few things to add to this. First, you can put Seeds in Bags, so make sure you always have a few with you. You can get bags from a shop that sells clothes.

Second, no matter what you do, some plants will never drop seeds. Third, growing plants in Dwarf Fortress depends on the time of year. There are three months in a season, and each month has 28 game days. For example, don’t plant winter seeds in the summer, or you’ll just waste them.

How to Get Plump Helmet Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, your Dwarves have to eat the plant raw or make it into alcohol to get Plump Helmet Seeds. Again, make sure you have Bags to collect the Seeds.

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You won’t get anything back if you cook the Plump Helmets. So, make sure that the kitchen no longer has permission to cook Plump Helmets. In fact, you should just tell them not to do it.

If you don’t, the Dwarfs will eat them all, leaving you with no seeds. You can always trade for more when the caravan comes, but it’s best not to get into that situation in the first place. That’s a very bad situation.