How to Get Love Story in Merge Mansion

by Narendra

How to Get Love Story in Merge Mansion: Love Story is one of the items in your favorite merging game that tells a story. Since story elements don’t come up very often in Merge Mansion, when they do, it always gets us excited. We tell you what you need to make Love Story in this guide.

How to Get Love Story in Merge Mansion

Even though we can’t help you get a Love Story in real life, we can definitely help you make it in Merge Mansion. You will need to get a Locket before you can do anything else.

How to Get Love Story in Merge Mansion

And Level 1 Vases, which shouldn’t be too hard to find, have lockets in them. Drops from the Drawer are vases. Now that we know what you need to get and in what order, let’s see what’s next.

Well, now all you need to do is level up your Locket to level 5 and tap on it. In order to merge up to level 5, you’ll need a lot of Lockers, so be patient.

As we can see, they are not easy to get. But if you want Merge Mansion to have more story elements, it’s well worth your time and effort. And even though it doesn’t help with any quests right now, that doesn’t mean that won’t change soon.

So, even if you make it just for the story, it could come in handy in the future. Love Story can be made better up to level 12. And each new thing you merge into in those levels tells a whole romantic story.

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