How to Get Koraidon Motorcycle in Pokemon Scarlet

by Ami Dalsania

In Pokemon games, bikes have always been one of the most common ways to get around. Pokemon Scarlet decided to change this formula and add something even better: a Pokemon motorcycle.

This comes in the form of Koraidon, a Legendary Pokemon that can be used to move quickly around the game’s Paldea region. You’ll need to get it first, though, before you can take it out for a spin.

How to Get Koraidon Motorcycle in Pokemon Scarlet

Here’s how to get the Koraidon Motorcycle and drive it in Pokemon Scarlet.

How to Get Koraidon Motorcycle in Pokemon Scarlet

Only the Scarlet version of the game lets you ride this Pokemon bike. You won’t be able to use it right away, but don’t worry. You’ll be able to use it soon.

In fact, you’ll get this Pokemon Scarlet bike as soon as you finish the game’s prologue in Naranja Academy.

This is also when the game starts, so you can start exploring the Paldea region at your own pace. Now, let’s look at how to ride this Koraidon when it’s a bike.

How to Ride Koraidon Legendary Motorcycle in Pokemon Scarlet

After you get your Koraidon, all you have to do to ride it is press the + button. This will make the Legendary Pokemon Pokemon Scarlet appear right away and change into its bike form.

Press the – Button to leave Koraidon. You can also press the B button while riding Koraidon to make it jump. This helps a lot when you have to jump over something.

When you upgrade Koraidon, you’ll have more ways to get around. We talk about this in our guide on how to improve Koraidon.