How to Get Holiday Cloak in Blox Fruits 2022

by Anchal Thakur

Not sure how to get the Mythical Accessory Holiday Cloak Blox Fruits? We’ll take care of you! Blox Fruits finally has the 2022 Christmas update! And it’s full of new content.

There are changes to the Portal fruit, the Spirit, Event Island, and a lot more!

One of the most exciting things for us is the Holiday Cloak, which is one of the first Mythical Accessories in the game. Keep reading to find out how to get one of these.

How to Get Holiday Cloak in Blox Fruits 2022

We know you’re just as excited as we are about this new accessory and can’t wait to get your hands on it. So, we won’t go around in circles here. Here’s how to get the Holiday Cloak in Blox Fruits, without further ado.

How to Get Holiday Cloak in Blox Fruits 2022

At the moment, there is only one way to get this cool new Mythical Accessory. It also takes a lot of luck, which is a shame. Specifically, you need to go to Christmas Event Island first. Check out our Event Island location guide if you don’t know where to look. When you get there, go to the island’s center.

A bright white circle in the middle is surrounded by candy canes and stars on sticks. It’s easy to find, so you’ll find it without much trouble.

When you get there, just above the shiny white circle, you’ll see a timer. You just have to wait for the timer to run out, and a gift will show up.

When you open this gift, you might get a Holiday Cloak in Blox Fruits. You might be able to get one. As far as we know, this is the only way to get the Holiday Cloak right now. If you know of any other ways,