How to get Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark

by Narendra

In Lost Ark, armor is an important part of the game. Harmony Leapstones are used to improve the game’s tier 1 gear. This is because they are used to get the maximum amount of EXP. But where are these stones and how do I get the Harmony Leapstone in Lost Ark? In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily find them and upgrade them.

How to Locate And Get the Harmony Leapstone in Lost Ark

Most of the Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark can be found in the Chaos Dungeons. They can also be found in the Guardian Raids. You can run every day in these two spots to get the stones. Even though these are the only places where you can farm leapstones, they don’t give you a lot of them every time you finish a dungeon. The first time you clear the dungeon, you might get a lot of stones, but after that, you won’t be as lucky.

You can also get leapstones from NPCs, as rewards from events, and in other ways. In Lost Ark, here are all the ways you can get the Harmony Leapstone:

  • Guardian Raids
  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Bought from the Sylmael NPCs for Sylmael Bloodstones
  • Bought from the Chaos Dungeon NPC vendor
  • Mari’s Secret Shop
  • Shadespire Tower Rewards
  • Ghost Ships
  • Auction House
  • Lower Tier Islands (Eastern Islands in the ocean)

You can also look at the Lost Ark events in the game to see if there are any extra materials you might need. Besides the leapstones, you may find a lot of other things in the game that you need.

From which stores can you buy Harmony Leapstones?

Chaos Dungeon NPC vendor

  • Cost: 60 Perception Shards
  • Weekly Limit: 20

Sylmael NPC Vendors (Tiella, Anais, Le’verille and Avril)

Price: $50 to $30 Sylmael Bloodstones: 4 to 8 per week
The Secret Shop of Mari

The price is 15 blue crystals for 15 leapstones of harmony.


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