How to Get Golden Seeds in Merge Mansion

by Narendra

How to Get Golden Seeds in Merge Mansion: Fans of Merge Mansion started the new year with a brand-new place to explore: the Conservatory. But you have to finish the Maze before you can get to this new area. This guide tells you how to get the Golden Seeds by combining the right items.

How to Get Golden Seeds in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion now has a brand-new room called the Conservatory. It is the first area to be added in 2023 and the 26th area overall. You’ll need to finish Maze Task 18-7 before you can get it.

Once you can get into the Conservatory, you’ll quickly find out that Golden Seeds are one of the most important things you’ll need there.

That’s because the Seedling Kit, which is the main generator, needs them. So, preparing enough Golden Seeds before starting the area is a good plan. But how can I get these seeds?

These aren’t as hard to get as some of the other things in Merge Mansion. When you merge two Level 4 Empty Seed Bags, you get Golden Seeds.

Flower Pots and Green Boxes drop Seed Bags. You can also just go to the Shop and buy them. You have to combine them until they reach Level 4, at which point they will drop 12 Orange Flower Seed and an Empty Seed Bag.

This will be an Empty Seed Bag of level 1, which you will need to level up to level 4 before you can use it. If you put these two together, you’ll get a Golden Seed.

You can get flower pots from the Drawer or buy them in the Shop. Boxes can be earned by doing tasks or bought in the Shop. Merge Mansion Golden Seeds can only be used to make the Seedling Kit in the Conservatory at the moment.